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Vice President-elect Mike Pence on Monday said it’s time to set aside the “baseless narrative” that President-elect Donald Trump was not legitimately elected because of alleged Russian meddling in last year’s campaign.

“This really is the time for us to set aside this narrative that is being pushed by many – this baseless narrative of illegitimacy – and see it for what it is,” Mr. Pence said on “Fox and Friends.”

“It is a distraction…just politics as usual, and the American people are tired of it,” he said.

Rep. John Lewis, Georgia Democrat, said on NBC recently that he doesn’t consider Mr. Trump to be a legitimate president. About two dozen House Democrats, including Mr. Lewis, have indicated they don’t plan to attend Friday’sinauguration.

“For someone of John Lewis’s stature to lend credibility to the baseless assertions of those who question the legitimacy of this election is deeply disappointing. I hope he reconsiders it,” Mr. Pence said.

By S.K.