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Piers Morgan

Piers MorganPiers Morgan appeared on Fox News tonight to talk with Tucker Carlson about how the press is “absolutely determined” to take down President Trump.

Carlson started things off by asking Morgan about CNN, where he used to work, and while Morgan did defend his former network he did say CNN joined in with the rest of the press in getting way more “virulent” in covering Trump during the election.

He personally found it “pretty rich” for the press to attack Trump for lashing out at them considering how members of the media conducted themselves during the campaign. Morgan said in order to cool things down, the press has to show the president “more respect” and vice versa.

Morgan also expressed how “appalled” he is by the behavior of liberals towards Trump, telling people to stop the “hissy fit” and “apply some rational political common sense” in their opposition

By S.K.