Lou Dobbs Just Demanded 3 New Impeachments – Lou Wants Impeachment For Republicans Romney, McConnell And Marshall

What’s Happening:

Chuck Schumer ignored warnings and announced the Senate would hold impeachment hearings and a trial.

Many experts said it can’t be done, since Trump is already out of office. But it looks like Schumer’s scheme is already backfiring.

It seems Americans are outraged that Democrats would go after a now-private citizen. Alan Dershowitz stated that it is, in fact, unconstitutional.

And now, Lou Dobbs is calling for justice for the Republicans who refuse to stand up to this.  From Twitter:

Outrageous: Senators McConnell, Romney and Marshall should be impeached for violation of the Constitution by joining in an unlawful act against a private citizen. House Democrats present Trump impeachment charge to the Senate, allowing trial to begin.

Lou Dobbs called on Republicans like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell to face their own impeachments, for letting this charade go on.

In the aftermath of January 6, plenty of Republicans tried to threw Trump under the bus. It appears they were trying to save their own skins, out of fear of Democrats.

While many Republicans are standing up against this impeachment, men like Mitt and Mitch appear in support of it.

Both of them claim an impeachment trial must be held, despite House the broke rules to force their vote.

There was no investigation and no evidence, yet they voted to impeach. Every Republican in the Senate should have called that for what it was: a sham.

But there are some who still think Trump should be punished for the actions of others. Not because, it seems, they think he’s guilty, but because they care more about appealing to the swamp.

Lou thinks we should impeach men like this. They should face the same punishment they are demanding for Trump.

Do you agree?

Key Takeaways:

  • The Senate will move forward with the impeachment trial, despite objections.
  • Lou Dobbs condemned Republican senators who refused to stand against this scheme.
  • He wanted Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney impeached for their support of this trial.

Source: Twitter