Lindsey Graham Takes Down His Buddy Biden – Accuses “Mr. Deal-Maker” Of No Longer Existing

What’s Happening:

Lindsey Graham might be considered a perennial optimist. But even he seems to be buckling.

He apparently took Biden at his word, when he promised bipartisanism and cooperation. That went out the window the moment he took the oath of office.

Mitch McConnell has claimed he hasn’t even talked to Biden, nor has he been invited to the White House.

So, Sen. Graham is taking down his former Senate buddy.

From Washington Examiner:

President Joe Biden “no longer exists” as he was in the Senate, according to Sen. Lindsey Graham…

The South Carolina Republican told the Washington Examiner in a wide-ranging interview on Wednesday that Biden is no longer reminiscent of the senator from Delaware he served alongside for several years, known there and during his time as vice president for being a bipartisan deal-maker.

Lindsey Graham slammed Joe Biden for being unwilling or unable to make deals across the aisle.

Graham went as far as to claim the man he knew in the Senate “no longer exists.”

Now, Graham seems to blame liberal Democrats who might be calling the shots. The far-left of the party is unwilling to compromise or work with Republicans.

And Biden appears to be bowing to that wing of the Democratic Party. The promise of cooperating with Republicans to reach bipartisan agreements has been dashed again and again.

They rammed their “relief” bill without support from the right. And Schumer and Pelosi warn they’ll do much the same with every other part of their agenda.

Joe Biden can easily get them in line, urging them to cooperate with Republicans. All he has to do is threaten to veto any bill that doesn’t have bipartisan support.

Instead, Biden is echoing what Democrats in Congress are saying, even talk about abolishing the filibuster.

Graham is raising questions about the Joe sitting in the White House. He says the Biden he knows as a “deal-maker” doesn’t exist. He even said the change is “tragic” and “dangerous.”

Plenty of Americans have theories as to why Biden has bowed to the radical left.

Many wonder about his mental state and ability to make his own decisions. It’s possible that as his faculties decline, he is relying more and more on aides and advisors to guide him.

Those people apparently are in the pocket of liberal special interests and leftists in Congress. Biden is not standing up for a bipartisan agenda, he’s just rubber-stamping what these people are saying.

Perhaps people will pay attention to what Graham is saying. As a man who worked with Biden for years, his warning should trouble us all.

Key Takeaways:

  • Graham criticized Biden, saying the man he knew “no longer exists.”
  • Graham said that the deal-maker Biden is not the man in the White House.
  • He uses the liberal wing of the party of influencing Biden too much.

Source: Washington Examiner