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Immigration Policies …
Massachusetts State Rep. Michelle DuBois (D) caused a major controversy when she posted an online warning to illegal immigrants about an upcoming ICE “raid” in the area.

Many critics have said that DuBois’ warning did a disservice to the community by creating a fear of law enforcement.

One of DuBois’ fellow Massachusetts lawmakers, however, is supporting her and pushing a bill to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state.

Jamie Eldridge, a Democratic state senator, told Tucker Carlson tonight that DuBois was just looking out for the best interests of her community, including undocumented immigrants.

Immigration Policies

“Isn’t it a little weird for lawmakers to be encouraging people to ignore the law?” Tucker asked. “How would you feel if the governor of Massachusetts decided that we don’t have to pay federal income taxes? … Would you be in favor of that?”

Eldridge argued that our federal immigration policy is broken, and we need immigration reform.

“A broad brush, as President Trump‘s executive order has done, that prioritizes all undocumented immigrants, including very hardworking families, I think that’s outrageous. I think it’s xenophobic. And I think it’s deeply disturbing,” Eldridge said.

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