Judge Drops The Gavel On 2020 Election Case – He Dismisses Democrat Appeal, Moves Audit Forward In Arizona

When the 2020 presidential election concluded, many Republican leaders – including then-President Donald Trump – suggested the voting process had been compromised.

They claimed multiple examples of questionable voting in certain states, and said the mail-in ballot system just wasn’t reliable. Many of these claims were dismissed in court.

However, one election case remains — and a judge just ruled that it can continue.

The race was extremely tight in many states, which is one of the reasons why the Trump administration demanded recounts and investigations.

Swing states proved crucial, and other states that Trump expected to win turned up blue. But critics maintain that some states should audit the ballots, and those cries continue today.

In a surprising victory, that’s exactly what will happen in Arizona.

Republicans had pushed the state to audit 2 million ballots, but Democrats quickly appealed the probe. And they might’ve expected a liberal judge to rule in their favor.

But that wasn’t what happened (via The Daily Wire):

A Democrat-appointed judge ruled in favor of Republicans on Wednesday, allowing the 2020 election audit to move forward against Democrats’ wishes.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel Martin dismissed Democrats’ temporary restraining order aimed at halting the state’s audit of over 2 million 2020 election ballots…


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According to the Associated Press, Judge Martin ruled there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that voters would somehow be harmed by the audit procedures.

This is the end of a “temporary pause” to the case, which will now continue.

Republicans and Conservatives around the country will anxiously await the results, because many have claimed from the beginning that something was amiss in Arizona.

million ballots but in the end, we should get the answers so many have demanded.

It will also be interesting to see if former President Trump comments on this situation. He certainly believed the election wasn’t entirely accurate, and he called out Arizona specifically multiple times.

Trump responded with:

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