As was previously reported here and here — several Antifa activists were reportedly identified inside the US Capitol on Wednesday following President Trump’s speech to 750,000 supporters at the Ellipse in Washington DC.

Trump supporters were even chanting “Antifa” on video as the violent mob broke windows at the US Capitol.

Journalist Tayler Hansen went on with Laura Ingraham on Wednesday night to describe his experience in the US Capitol.  Hansen was there when 14-year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt was gunned down by Capitol Police.

Last night Tayler went on Twitter and revealed more on the Antifa-leftist radicals who infiltrated the Trump crowd storming the US Capitol.

Taylor also identified Utah radical activist John Sullivan inside the US Capitol.

Tayler has reported at Antifa-BLM riots in Oregon and Washington in the past.

The fact that Antifa was disguised as fake press should surprise no one.
Antifa is trained in these deceptive tactics.

Tayler Hansen has more information coming.

Tayler is a courageous independent reporter.
We previously reported on Tayler earlier this year.