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President Trump can legally run again in 2024 if Biden wins this year’s election if he decides to do so.

Per the NY Post “nothing stops someone from seeking second terms at any point, even after a re-election loss, meaning the answer to the question “Can Trump run again in 2024?” is yes.”

Per the Washington Examiner “during an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today, Brayn Lanza, former communications director for the Trump transition team, said Trump is in a strong position to “run again four years from now,” as reported by the Independent.

“He will be younger than Joe Biden than his current bid for the presidency, so age isn’t the issue,” Lanza said. Trump is 74 years old, making him 78 in 2024. Biden is 77 years old.”

Lanza added that he thinks other Republicans will likely step aside if Trump decides to run again.

He said “Biden will have the opportunity to guide this country out of Covid, and we’ll see what his successes and failures are and there’s nobody in the Republican party that can challenge President Trump in the primaries.”

“Republicans would step aside to let it happen” if Trump decided to run, he predicted.