What’s Happening:

With Joe Biden in the White House, the federal courts have become even more important than before.

(Which is why Democrats are trying so hard to flip them!)

Biden is pushing as radical an agenda as possible. One of his key goals is to undo every good thing accomplished by the Trump administration.

Recently, not every decision has been a win for conservatives. But this recent federal ruling has thrown mud in Biden’s eye.

From The Hill:

A federal court has rejected the Biden administration’s request for a pause before a case on a Trump administration rollback of a key environmental law wraps up…

The Biden administration had asked for a 60-day stay on the case, over a rollback of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), to “allow the new administration time to review the challenged agency action.”

A Trump administration policy sped up the permit process for projects on federal law. Previously, it would take up to four years (or more), but Trump got it down to just two or less.

Environmentalists and the Biden administration want this rule thrown out. Biden requested time to “review” the policy, perhaps to find ways to undermine it outside of the courts. But the judge rejected their request.

This doesn’t mean the Trump rule will stand, but it is another sign that federal courts are not bowing to the whims of the Biden administration.

In the coming years, Biden will try to push as many radical plans as possible. Some of them will be blocked by Republicans in the Senate; some won’t be.

It will be up to Republicans at the state level to challenge Biden through lawsuits. The fate of many issues, including important rights, could be decided by federal judges.

Thanks to Trump, our federal court system was reshaped, with many conservative judges now on the bench.

But that hasn’t always meant a victory for conservative causes, as we saw post-2020 Election.

This minor victory, at least, shows us that the federal courts will continue to prevent a runaway White House or Congress from running over Americans.

Key Takeaways:

  • A federal judge rejected the Biden’s administration request for time over a Trump policy.
  • The judge refused the request, which would have prolonged the process.
  • The fight is over the approval process for projects under the NEPA.

Source: The Hill