Donald Trump Just Relaunched MAGA Rallies – The First Two Events Will Kick Off Next Month At Airports

What’s Happening:

Democrats really thought that they saw the end of Donald Trump on January 20, 2021.

They seemed to assume that if they got him out of the White House—and banned across social media—he’d just disappear.

But attempts to silence him have failed. A second attempt to impeach him failed as well. Even leftist allies in the GOP failed to turn the party against him.

And now, Trump is poised to bring back the one thing Democrats hated most of all: his legendary rallies.

From Daily Mail:

Former President Trump will hold two rallies in June as he looks to capitalize on a series of crises engulfing President Joe Biden and lay down a marker for 2024, according to an adviser familiar with planning.

Those will be followed by a third event around July 3 and are expected to take the form of the airport rallies that dominated the closing months of last year’s election campaign.


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Even though Trump hasn’t officially announced a run, even though he isn’t currently holding public office, he still is reportedly planning to host three rallies in June and July.

Why is he doing this? The left can speculate all they want, but I think you know the real reason.

Trump was never in this for himself. Everything he’s done has been for the American people.

And as regular Americans like you and me are reeling from one Biden-inspired disaster after another, Trump decided to return to give us an injection of hope.

The battle for America is far from over. Trump has vowed to help the GOP retake Congress in 2022.

He has been very vocal, despite near-total social media bans. And now, he is getting ready to rekindle MAGA country once again.

One of the major highlights of Trump’s political career has been his rallies and events. Contrary to what the media claims, Trump rallies are festive parties, where people from all backgrounds come together to celebrate America.

You can see people smiling, laughing, dancing to music, sharing food and drinks. They’re nothing like the miserable hate-fests often seen during Democratic rallies (when they can get enough people in a room together).

There is a reason Biden hasn’t held a single event for his “fans” since entering office. Nobody would show up!

But we’re about to see just how many Americans are ready to see Trump in person this summer.

The Democrats should put on their diapers now.

Trump responded with:

“There is strength in unity and America is a great example of it to the countries across the world. In the need of the hour, each patriot has sacrificed their needs to help out a fellow citizen.”

However, hope can be lost in the darkest times, and the American people need something to unify them in such times of adversity. The fight is not over yet, says President Trump.

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President Trump’s victory coin is unsurprisingly on course to become the most popular Presidential coin in the history of our great country, and the liberals just can’t deal with this.

The President is now calling on his loyal supporters to aid him in the battle against the dangerous democrat party. He needs all of us to show our support for the movement that is making America great again.

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