Democrats Run Into DC Statehood Roadblock – Congress May Be Forced To Pass A New Constitutional Amendment

What’s Happening:

Democrats are not hiding their ambitions to turn a city with 700,000 people into an entire state.

We know why. The City of D.C. is largely liberal and would give them two more senators. It’s a pathetic power grab from a party only concerned with getting more power.

They’ve been talking about doing this for months, even before the election. Some Democrats are trying to make it happen, by passing some legislation.

But, as it turns out, it might be much harder than that.

From Daily Caller:

Throughout U.S. history, states were admitted to the union according to the Admissions Clause under Article IV of the Constitution. But the clause is not applicable since D.C. is not a U.S. territory, making the issue of D.C. statehood more complex…

“The basic question now is whether … Congress has a power to create a new state from the greater portion of that land that was ceded by Maryland for the purpose of creating a district for the seat of the federal government,” Pilon said in an email. “There is no such power to be found in the Constitution.”

Democrats are hellbent on pushing D.C. statehood. But there are several hurdles that might get in their way.

First off, the Constitution allows “U.S. territories” to be entered into statehood. Washington, D.C. is not a territory, it is land provided by Maryland and Virginia to create the seat of our federal government.

Technically, it does not seem that the Constitutional allows it to become a state. On top of that, some experts say that the founders never intended for that land to be anything but the location of the federal government.

The Constitution does not give Congress power to take that land and make it into a state, casting greater problems with their agenda.

Make no mistake, the left is grasping at straws. They want to game the system to give themselves as much power as possible.

They know it would be harder to make other U.S. territories into states, so they are looking at the most corrupt, politically-compromised region in the country (next to Chicago): D.C.

But these constitutional concerns don’t really matter. It’s clear Democrats have given up on following the Constitution a long time ago. It’s not as if they are sitting in their offices saying, “Oh, gee! We didn’t realize this was unconstitutional. Never mind!”

The only way this will be stopped is if Republicans fight it tooth and nail. The courts will also have to get involved, perhaps even the Supreme Court.

Unless we fight back, the Democrats will trample all over our country.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats are pushing to make D.C. a state, giving them more power in Congress.
  • Some legal experts say making D.C. a state is unconstitutional.
  • The Constitution does not grant Congress the power to turn that land into a state.

Source: Daily Caller