Democrats Make Major Impeachment Admission – Clyburn Confesses The Senate Does Not Have The Votes To Convict

What’s Happening:

Instead of finding ways to help Americans during the transition, Democrats pushed a second impeachment.

They rushed the process, refusing to conduct investigations or present evidence. Many have wondered why they’d do such a thing—when they claim they want to “heal” America.

But the fact of the matter remains that they need 2/3 of the Senate to convict Trump. And a top Democrat in the House just admitted their big problem.

From Daily Mail:

House Democratic Whip James C. Clyburn says he does not believe there is a two-thirds majority in the Senate to convict President Trump of incitement of insurrection…

‘I know what Mitch McConnell seems to be thinking. I suspect that there is support. I don’t think – there’s 17 Republicans that would be needed – I don’t think there’s 17. Not at this point,’ he said.

Why It’s Important:

When pressed for answers about the Senate’s role in this second impeachment, Clyburn was forced to admit the obvious.

It would require at least 17 Republican senators to vote in favor of impeachment. Give such a large number, most people say it will not happen.

(Some Constitutional experts say that Congress can’t even hold a trial after a president leaves office, but we’ll see if the Senate agrees.)

Clyburn suggested “new things” could come up at a trial that might change Republicans’ minds. Really? You didn’t even bother to hold an investigation in the House, Clyburn.

What kind of evidence do you think will magically appear now that will prove your wild accusations?

Democrats pounced on this move shortly after January 6, hoping tempers and fears wouldn’t calm down in time for a vote. But as time moves on, it will be harder and harder for them to convince the public that they have the right to impeach a president that has already left office.

If only Democrats moved this fast in the Summer, when Americans were clamoring for police reform. They refused to even vote on a bill by Sen. Tim Scott. But now, they are rushing through a process many say has been weaponized.

But will any Republican senators vote against Trump? Last time, only Mitt Romney voted against the president.

This time around, who knows? Plenty of Republicans condemned Trump in recent days. But they’d be fools to think that voting against him would make voters happy.

Source: Daily Mail