Democrat Impeachment Hopes Are Falling Apart – Conviction Could Fail Quickly After Republican Tom Cotton Objects

What’s Happening:

Democrats rammed a second impeachment vote through the House. They didn’t bother to conduct an investigation, nor provide evidence of their charges.

Many have pointed out that, in order for this impeachment to bring about a conviction, 17 Republican senators would have to vote against Trump.

If they did convict him, he would not be able to run for president in the future.

Tom Cotton, a longtime ally of the presidents, joined the left to criticize Trump’s comments. But they won’t like what he said next.

From Daily Wire:

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) announced late on Wednesday evening that he opposes impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump because the Senate will not be able to hold a fair trial before Trump is out of office and he opposes impeaching a former president…

“‘There is no grievance that is a fit object of redress by mob law.’ Those words are as true today as when Abraham Lincoln spoke them,” Cotton said.

Many have argued that Congress does not have the power to convict a president, once he leaves office.

But it still remains to be seen how the Senate will respond to the House’s vote, when they reconvene on January 19.

Will they have enough time on Trump’s last day in office to hold a hearing and vote? Unlikely. The proceedings would extend past January 20. Tom Cottom says it is not right to hold a trial after that.

He further criticized the Democrats’ plan by saying the Senate cannot hold a fair trial. Even if Democrats hate Trump (and the do) would they really violate due process by refusing to hold a fair trial?

Don’t say no. This is the same party that held biased impeachment investigations against Trump in 2019 (instead of picking an independent investigator). The same party now who rushed a vote without a probe or evidence.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Democrats in the Senate tried to rush a trial, without even letting Trump’s legal team provide a defense.

If Democrats hoped they’d get Republican support in what looks more and more like a witch hunt, they will be disappointed.

Cotton will not be the last Republican senator to comment on impeachment. And despite all that’s happened, it’s unlikely most of the GOP will vote against Trump.

Source: Daily Wire