Who do you think won bigger in 2020? If you said the Democrats, you’ve been spending too much time watching the mainstream media.

The battle over the White House might still be raging, but it’s clear that Democrats got their tails kicked in many other races.

As usual, the left was predicting a blowout election cycle, with Democrats dominating in House races.

But as it turns out, the polls were wrong by a huge margin:

Ahead of the 2020 election, Cook listed 27 races as “toss-ups,” meaning they were too close to predict one way or the other. Republicans won all 27.

That’s not a typo. Despite being assured by that conservatism was about to drown beneath an impending “blue wave,” Republicans won every single close race.

Republicans also won all 26 races deemed “leaning or likely Republican,” and even picked up 7 of the 36 seats listed as “leaning or likely Democrat.”

The media claimed 27 House seats were “toss-ups” going into the election. That means they weren’t sure what could happen.

It turns out that Republicans won all those seats. And Republicans are poised to pick up even more seats than that.

Isn’t it funny that races where Republicans had an advantage, the polls conveniently said they were toss-ups?

Didn’t their numbers show that Republicans were going to win? If pollsters know what they were doing at all, they’d have known Republicans had a good chance.

Instead, they refuse to admit that and claimed their races were anybody’s guess. So, it’s either Democrat dominate or it’s a toss-up.

Pollsters never admitted Republicans had an advantage in any of these races. Hmm… it almost sounds as if, they are trying to influence the elections, rather than predict their outcome?

Many people accuse the mainstream media and their polls as a means of voter suppression. Meaning, they release these polls—saying Democrats will win—just to discouraged Republicans and conservatives from even showing up.

How else can we explain it? It’s either that or they are really bad at their jobs. Republicans won, obviously.

Were the pollsters asking the wrong people? Were they in the wrong districts? Were that many Trump supporters “shy?” Or was the media unwilling to admit the truth?

We can’t speak for them, but perhaps we should finally admit polls just can’t be trusted?

Source: Daily Wire