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There’s always been some speculation among CNN watchers that the “Most Trusted Name In News” conspicuously goes to commercial or has their feed cut when one of the talking heads on their network says something inconvenient.

Of course, nobody can prove this happens intentionally — indeed, one almost feels a bit conspiracy theory-ish even saying it — but it’s certainly odd.

The latest instance of the mysterious CNN cutoff happened Monday, when CNN’s national security commentator, Mike Rogers, was interviewed about the Russia investigation.

Rogers, a former congressman who’s also had stints with the Army and FBI, said that if no evidence against the president is turned up, it’s time to end the “eternal investigations” involving Trump and Russian collusion.

“Listen, at some point, you know where I stood on all this,” Rogers said. “I believe Mueller should have the freedom to do the investigation. The IG report on both what the FBI did and what the Russians were up to, all of that’s really important.”

However, he said that “at some point you have to stop. This has been going on for a long time.”

Rogers then laid out something of an ultimatum for the Mueller investigation.

“So my argument to Mueller is, if you have some evidence here, let’s go, bring it out, let’s deal with it,” Rogers said. “If not, at some point we have to stop the … eternal investigations that happen surrounding this, and the clubs that come out. So the investigations that have happened on the Intel Committee already have been candidly, quite partisan, and partisan in nature, both from the Democrats and the Republicans.

“If it switches, you’re going to get more of the same,” he added, a reference to the prospect of Democrats taking control of the House after the November elections. “I don’t know how that’s helpful to the country moving on and trying to heal itself and then actually producing something that would stop the Russians from interfering in our elections.”

And with that, CNN went to commercial.

Given that CNN’s been pushing the Russia thing pretty hard (one is surprised they don’t have a 24-hour feed of a camera trained on the Kremlin in the lower right quarter of the screen just to really drive the point home), it’s somewhat embarrassing when the network’s own national security analyst basically acknowledges that the investigation has become — in the parlance of our time — a nothingburger and ought to be wrapped up.

It’s not a good look. Then again, not much on CNN is, but there you go,.

Now, was this one of CNN’s famous cuts — if such cuts even exist? It certainly didn’t seem as suspicious as some of their “accidental” feed drops, like this one when a guest started to suggest a link between terror suspects and incoming refugees.

On the other hand, we’ll really never know if CNN’s “technical difficulties” were intentional. And, quite frankly, I think it’s better that way.

For one, it’s more fun to speculate about whether or not it’s happening, kind of like how it’s more fun speculating whether or not their are aliens at Area 51.

Second, it’s kind of a hard theory to believe. After all, if CNN cut the feed every time someone on their network said or did something that embarrassed the network, they’d be off the air half the time.

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By S.K.