Clarence Thomas Deals Blow To Liberals – Supreme Court Signals They Will Side With Students Over NCAA On Compensation

What’s Happening:

Clarence Thomas is a respected and accomplished Supreme Court justice. But over his long career on the bench, he hasn’t spoken much to the press.

So, when he does, you know he means business.

Thomas joined other conservative justices in questioning the NCAA and its policies for student-athletes.

And it looks like a much-watched Supreme Court is about to go in the students’ favor.

From CNBC:

Division I student athletes looked poised for victory in their Supreme Court battle against the National Collegiate Athletic Association over whether the organization may impose restraints on compensation related to education…

Thomas noted that NCAA coaches make millions of dollars, for instance, one of the key arguments made by those opposing the NCAA’s limitations on player pay.

“It just strikes me as odd that the coaches’ salaries have ballooned,” he said.

If you follow college sports at all, you probably know about the ongoing fight over student compensation.

College sports are big business—and mean big dollars to schools, coaches, and companies looking to make a profit. In some cases, these sports bring in as much as their professional counterparts.

Yet, while schools bring in billions and coaches make millions, student-athletes get very little in exchange.

These athletes put as much effort into their sports as professional players, often at the cost of their education, but can’t count on any form of pay.

A long battle has been waging the courts for students to receive some kind of compensation, as schools can often exploit their names and images for cash.

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It looks like the Supreme Court is leaning toward giving students a favorable decision. Clarence Thomas, along with other justices, voiced concern over the current lopsided arrangement.

He commented on how strange it is that coaches for these college teams can bring home millions of dollars. But the players—who win the games and bring in the money—see very little.

The NCAA claims compensation would “sour fans” who like these sports because of the “amateur quality.” Yeah right.

I’m not buying that line—and it doesn’t seem the Supreme Court is either.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Supreme Court is hearing a case regarding college sports and compensation.
  • Clarence Thomas appeared to signal support for students in recent comments.
  • The justice criticized schools for paying coaches millions, but students next to nothing.

Source: CNBC