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Fabio, the Italian-born male model who has adorned the covers of countless romance novels, only became an American citizen last year, but he’s lived in Californi for years.

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fabio lamented that The Sunshine State is becoming unlivable thanks to liberal policies, particularly those involving crime and law enforcement.

“California is a mess,” Fabio said. “Coming from Europe, I already saw this movie before.”

He said that as the national debate about policing in America rages, California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has taken the side of criminals over the police.

Fabio accused Brown of misleading the public about Proposition 57, the governor’s plan to shrink the state’s prison population by releasing non-violent criminals.

“If you check Prop 57, the majority of criminals there are sex offenders, child molesters, human trafficking, sex with minors, assault with a deadly weapon,” Fabio said.

He said that California is now facing a crime “epidemic,” and he and many of his friends have been the victims of burglaries and other crimes.


“We have to take the law’s side. We have to stand behind the police, behind the law enforcement, not behind the criminal,” Fabio said.

He said that Brown has put the police in California in a “really, really bad spot.”


By S.K.