California Just Suffered Historic Loss – For The First Time Ever, The Blue State Is Losing A House Seat

What’s Happening:

California was once called the Golden State. But years of governing by its Democratic supermajority have left the state in shambles.

Major cities are overrun with crime, garbage, and homelessness. Radical socialist policies have sent their cost of living through the roof.

It’s gotten so bad, many residents have fled to conservative states like Texas. We’ve reported on that quite a bit over the years, predicting the consequences of CA losing so many residents.

Now, we are seeing it happen in real-time.

From The Hill:

California is set to lose one congressional seat as a result of slow population growth for the first time in the state’s 170-year history…

Experts have attributed the loss, in part, to migration out of the state and a drop in the state’s fertility rate…

Isn’t this interesting? Democrat states like California will be losing seats in the House. While states like Texas and Florida are picking up those seats.

This comes as the results of the 2020 Census are released. Remember how Democrats fought President Trump to remove a certain question from the census?

Many believed it was because they wanted to boost blue states’ population numbers, so they could get more seats in the House.

Instead, major blue states are losing seats, while red states are gaining them.

It takes a lot to shift the number of seats a state has in the House. And California, the country’s most populous state, had to lose many residents to offset people moving in and see an overall drop.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to regular readers. People have been fleeing CA for years now to states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

During the 2020 crisis, those numbers only increased, as Americans got sick and tired of Gov. Newsom’s abusive lockdowns. Now he’s being recalled.

And itt looks like Pelosi’s majority in the House is all but certain to disappear soon, after conservative state legislatures redraw districts in 2021.

The 2022 election will be even more important, with red states getting a critical chance to retake Congress and undo some of the damage Biden has done.

Are you glad California lost a seat?

Trump responded with:

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