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There is an alternative name for the basil and that is Tulsi, and this one is a very known herb of the ancient Indian history. It was mentioned for the first time sround 1500 B.C. in the Rig Veda and it was loved for its many benefits in the Ayurvedic medicine. It improves anxiety, fat burn and many other things.

It is from tropical Asia, but it also today grows in tropical climates all around the world. This plant is very utilized and important in many many countries. Its leaves are thought as adaptogen herbs that can provide many benefits from the whole body.

These herbs are unique healing plants, which can do things such as balance, protect and restore the body and one naturopath, Edward Wallace, has explained that adaptogen does not have any specific action but helps the body to respond to the stressors and this way normalizes the physiological functions.

Some of these herbs that are this popular include ashwagandha, astrgalus, ginseng, licorice root, holy basil, Rhodiola and some medicinal mushrooms.

Benefits of holy basil

Today this is mostly used in the form of tulsi tea or as a supplement form, and it is mostly used for treating acne, anxiety, high blood sugar, adrenal fatigue and thyroid problems.


There are some researchers from Thailand that have conducted a study so they could find out whether the essential oils from the tulsi can fight the bacteria that is a cause for acne and provide optimal skin care. When they have tested the antimicrobial capability, they have discovered that a three percent concentration of tulsi is the most potent substance in fighting the bacteria that can cause acne. Eugenol, which is a huge compound od tulsi is an active ingredient in the potent clove oil. One of the best benefits from clove’s oil is that it effectively treats many skin problems and if using tulsi for treating of acne, first make sure to use unrefines virgin coconut oil as a carrier just because when being melted it can be absorbed into the skin far more quickly than any other oil.


As one review that Nutrition and Cancer has published, the holy basil in itself contains potent immune boosting as well as anti inflammatory properties that can protect against pain, fever as well as stress, so people that consume it daily are much less susceptible to poor immunity and developing cancerous cells. Some phytochemicals that are contained in the holy basil can protect against oral, lung, liver and skin cancer. The extract from tulsi can prevent radiation induced mortality and sickness and are also known to protect the normal tissues from the rough effects of radiation.


Its ability to keep blood glucose in good shape has been widely known since the mid 1900s. So, in order to investigate its ability to reverse and treat diabetes, one team of researchers from Azad University of Agriculture and Technology in India have researched the effects that the holy basil leaves has on rat and the group that has been given the holy basil has shown great results. The glucose has lowered by 21mm/dl, post meal glucose dropped by 15.8mm/dl so it showed a reduction of 17.6 percent and 7.3 percent. Moreover, the cholesterol levels were also very much decreased and one research that has been published in the Journal of Ehnopharmacology has proved that the extract of tulsi has been lowering the glucose by more than 36 percent in normal rats and up to 18 percent in diabetes induced rats.

Balances the hormones and lowers the stress

There was an article published in the journal Doe Pharmazie that has said that the hypoglycemic effects of tulsi are due to the ability to regulate the cortisol levels, which is called the stress hormone which is responsible for a large number of diabetes cases throughout the world. There is an adverse effect and that is that is can damage memory, bone density, heart disease, learning, immune function and weight gain. And as Psychology today has said, a high level of cortisol is viewed as a number one public enemy. There is one more benefit of the holy basil that it can successfully decrease anxiety and emotional stress. Some of the symptoms of high cortisol level include weight gain, mostly on the abdomen/stomach area, puffy, flushed face, high blood pressure, mood swings, acne or some other skin condition, poor sleep and fatigue, high level of anxiety, muscle pain and aches and increased urination.

Helps with the fever

It is highly recommended as a natural fever treatment, specially by practitioners of the Ayuvercdic medicine. The leaves of it are antibiotic, antigemicidal and disinfectant agents, which is a translation that they will protect us from bacteria and viruses. In cases when we have fever, its proof that our bodies are fighting against an infection and thus with its infection fighting properties it helps fight a fever and restore the health in a very quick way.

It relieves headache

There are some of the practitioners of the Ayurveda that recommended the holy basil as a natural headache medicine that always helps in relieving the migraine pain.