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North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is willing to discuss denuclearization with President Donald Trump, officials said Sunday, according to Fox News.

The move would be praised by the international community as it would aid in the stabilization of the Korean Peninsula.

Reuters reported the discussion would come during an unprecedented summit between the North Korean leader and Trump, which is slated to take place sometime in May.

Prior to now, U.S. officials have relied on South Korea for communication with Kim’s regime, but according to Reuters, U.S. officials have recently held secret meetings with North Korean officials.

Sources didn’t tell Reuters when and where those meetings happened, but confirmed there have been multiple meetings.

After South Korean officials relayed a message to Washington that Kim is willing to discuss denuclearization with Trump, the president said on Twitter that he is “looking forward” to the meeting.

However, as Reuters noted, it isn’t really clear what North Korea considers denuclearization. Still, any discussion is a diplomatic win.

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By S.K.