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Nobody on Fox News has done a better job of silencing bitter idiotic liberal activists and making them see the errors of their ways than Tucker Carlson. Carlson keeps inviting these extremists on Tucker Carlson Tonight and forcing them to confront their fallacies in humiliating fashion.

Tucker recently had liberal writer Daniel Brezenoff on his show to discuss the Electoral College. Brezenoff, who founded the Electoral College Petition and tried to get electors to betray the American voting public, accused Tucker of lying. Tucker ripped him apart.

Stated Tucker charitably, You’re against the electoral college, and I think you make a pretty fair case that it’s less democratic than one man, one vote voting, and you’ve written a fair amount about it. I don’t agree with you, but I think it’s a fair case. Now, you’re trying to use that very same institution, the electoral college to take the election away from Trump.”

Instead of trying to have a reasonable discussion with Tucker, the liberal started yelling, “Stop lying to your viewers, Tucker. Stop lying to your viewers. I realize it’s your M.O. but it’s not going to work on me.” Then he started screaming about Trump imposing a religious ban, saying, “I don’t have a date to give you, but it’s on video, and the whole nation saw it. Let’s not pretend like he didn’t say it… I don’t care if they’re citizens or if they’re just off the boat, we don’t register people on the basis of religion in the United States of America.”

Tucker then crushed the Bitter extremist by simply stating the truth, “You said there’s a video out there where he said that. I don’t know when and where it is, in fact there is not a video actually.” Ouch! How much do you love how Tucker destroyed him? Watch below:

Source: conservative101