Biden’s Defense Secretary Orders Military ‘Stand-Down’ – Pentagon Plans To Root Out All Conservative ‘Extremism’

What’s Happening:

Is Biden trying to root out all traces of conservativism in our society? He might be, starting with the military.

The U.S. Armed Forces have long been a haven for conservative Americans. That’s because they attract young men and women who patriotically want to fight for our freedoms.

(Not a lot of leftists eager to do that!)

But in recent weeks, we’ve seen attempts by Biden’s administration at cracking down on conservative among the military.

Now, Biden’s Secretary of Defense is taking unprecedented action. From Daily Wire:


Biden’s SOD is calling for a “stand down” across the military to “root out” white supremacy and other forms of “extremism.”

How much do you want to bet that includes owning a red MAGA hat?

Honestly, does anyone believe there are thousands extremists lurking in our military? I doubt there are even a dozen or more that hold to such an extreme view.

But given the left’s intense opposition of conservative values, they have branded any views right of center as “extreme.”

After all, how do you define “extremism”? What will be the criteria for generals and military officers to decide who is extreme or not?

This looks an awful lot like an attempt by Biden to “purge” anyone from the military he doesn’t like. Maybe like something a dictator would do when assuming power.

Does Biden expect the entire military to hold to his views? Does he want all soldiers to be Democrats?

That would make it easier to order them to do things that might be illegal or against their conscience.

The left frequency called Trump a dictator and tyrant. But did he even try to root out soldiers with the “wrong” views? Did he ever accuse the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces “extreme”?

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s SOD wants the military to “stand down” to root out extremism.
  • He accused soldiers of holding to extreme views, without explaining what these views are.
  • Austin claimed members of the military were involved in the “siege” of January 6.

Source: Daily Wire