When you work for the President-elect, you need to be careful about what you say. Because those words will reflect on your boss, and the media could have a field day with obvious mistakes.

Now, one of Joe Biden’s aides is paying the price for some controversial remarks. These remarks angered Republicans, as expected, but they also riled a critical group:

Biden donors.

It all began when Biden’s deputy chief of staff, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, responded to a comment from Glamour reporter Glennon Doyle.

The interview was about Biden apparently “rejecting” the idea of working with the GOP, and the Democrat nominee refusing to compromise.

That’s when she made the mistake of flinging an insult at Republicans, which quickly caught the ears of the media.

And now, Biden’s donors want her to make amends. Via Fox News:

Some of President-elect Joe Biden’s donors want his aide Jennifer O’Malley Dillon to apologize after she called Republicans on Capitol Hill ‘a bunch of f—ers,’ and at the same time praised Biden’s call for unity.

She also called Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., ‘terrible.’

O’Malley Dillon then talked about the country needing “healing.” Though of course, it’s ironic that she talks of unity and healing after blasting all Republican officials in Washington D.C.

Perhaps it surprised her – and Biden – to learn that their donors wanted an apology.

But they’re citing the aforementioned irony of her remarks; as Axios reported earlier:

‘For those of us who, from Day One, bought into Biden’s calls for civility and a return to normalcy, this isn’t just beyond the pale — it’s plain stupid,’ said one Biden donor.

After the remarks, Biden communications director Kate Bedingfield tried to to some damage control.

She said O’Malley Dillon “doesn’t approve of spicy language,” but her point was that “unity and healing are possible.”

Regardless of such attempts, however, it seems clear that O’Malley Dillon should offer some sort of response, especially if Biden campaign donors are upset.

At the same time, Republicans will likely use this as fuel: they often say Democrats call for “unity” while simultaneously making divisive and even hateful remarks.

And lastly, one wonders if Joe Biden himself will press his aide to apologize.

Source: Fox News