What’s Happening:

Ben Carson is a rockstar conservative. For years, he’s refused to pull punches when confronting the left’s schemes.

He was a loyal, unapologetic ally in the Trump administration. And today, he continues to call out Democrats.

This time around, he’s boldly pointing out Biden’s major failures over a big issue. And he’s offering practical advice to fix it.

From YouTube:

Former HUD secretary Dr. Ben Carson says America has to speak up on the homeless crisis.

As head of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson saw firsthand how many Americans live in poverty and lack.

But it seems Biden’s only solution for fixing the problem is throwing out a few measly checks, once and a while.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is rolling out the red carpet for migrants. He welcomes them into the country and, in some cases, is putting them up in hotels.

Um, Joe. We have thousands of Americans in dire need. All it takes is for the government to stop prioritizing outsiders and doing something to help the homeless.

Carson offered some practical advice for solving both crises. First, he said that all the money Biden is spending on putting up migrants can be used to address the problems in their home countries.

As for our nation’s homeless, Carson is advocating first to put a roof over their heads. After that, we need to address the reason for their homeless, which often involves rehabilitation and jobs.

But Biden is already off to a bad start on that front. His spending plans will see taxes rise, which will result in a loss of jobs and wages for millions.

Biden doesn’t seem all that concerned with putting struggling Americans first. And he doesn’t appear willing to deal with the issues that are driving migrants to our border.

Instead, Biden is slapping a very expensive (and useless) bandage on the situation.

And at the same time, he’s ignoring the other one entirely.

Do you agree with Carson’s recommendations for dealing with these crises?

Key Takeaways:

  • Ben Carson called out the Biden administration for helping migrants while neglecting our homeless.
  • Carson suggested dealing with the real reasons migrants are flocking to our border.
  • He also called on Biden to help America’s homeless, getting them off the streets.

Source: YouTube