What’s Happening:

Isn’t it funny how Democrats are pushing another impeachment of Donald Trump? Seriously, they “won” the election, right? Why bother kicking a man, after he’s left office?

But we all have our suspicions of why they are doing it. After all, we’ve seen Democrats meltdown with TDS for four years. It’s not like there is a prescription to cure it.

Former doctor and top official of Trump’s administration has the right diagnosis, however. Ben Carson is calling out what the Democrats are really doing. And how they are acting.

From Daily Caller:

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson compared those pushing to impeach former President Donald Trump to “a bunch of third graders” on Fox News Tuesday…

“The man’s already out of office,” Carson said. “And yet we’re spending all this time and effort on that because we must punish him. And then the other side will say well, we must punish you. It’s like a bunch of third graders. It’s so, so tiring.”

Carson was one of the most effective leaders of Trump’s administration, doing the impossible to help impoverished Americans.

So, you can imagine how frustrated he is to see his successors wasting time on a pointless impeachment.

There are Americans hurting right now, who could use so help and leaders from their leaders and they do this.

Carson blasted Democrats by saying they are like “third graders” just trying to “punish” Trump. Why do they want to punish him?

Just because they don’t like him.

Nobody appears to be buying the line that Trump “incited” anything. Many experts explained at the outset of their impeachment push that you can’t rightfully prove incitement.

On top of that, Democrats rushed the impeachment House vote, without presenting evidence or holding investigations.

I’m sure there are plenty of Americans on board with what Carson said. They agree that Democrats are acting like spoiled brats.

But I wonder if anyone in Congress is smart enough to listen?

Source: Daily Caller