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What’s Happening:

Perhaps one of the smartest moves Trump’s made as POTUS has been picking Bill Barr as attorney general.

The man has stood up for justice again and again. He has stared down corruption in D.C. and hasn’t blinked.

Even as chaos rages (thanks to leftists), he continues to uphold the high standards of the DOJ.[contentad widget=”427100″]

As he was driving through Virginia, he ordered his car turned around, just so he could do this:

Attorney General William Barr directed his federal protective detail on Thursday evening to make a u-turn so he could get out and thank pro-police demonstrators that were waving flags at an intersection…

Attorney General Barr ordered his protective detail to turn around, so he could greet a pro-police group.

Barr met with the Virginia residents, just so he could thank them for their support of law enforcement.

The demonstrators appeared excited to meet the attorney general. Some praised him for his recent appearance during the House Judiciary Committee hearing.

In recent months, the media and Democrats have mounted an anti-police campaign across the country.

Radical activists have rioted and protested against the police. Democrats in cities across America have embraced defunding police departments, even as crime surges.

They have pushed this movement, even as polls reveal the vast majority of Americans don’t want cops defunded. In fact, most Americans (including black Americans) want an increase in police presence in their communities.

Democrats have ignored this obvious fact to apparently encourage lawlessness nationwide. They even complained when Donald Trump sent federal law enforcement to end violence.

This group appears to represent a large majority of Americans. The fact that Bill Barr stopped to greet them is a strong sign that his agency will continue to defend the country from anarchists and lawbreakers.

Many Americans look forward to Barr’s investigation into Obamagate. Results from the criminal investigation might come out before Labor Day according to the latest reports.

Key Takeaways:

  • Attorney General Bill Barr turned around his protective detail to greet a group of demonstrators.
  • The Virginia group was showing support for police officers, carrying signs and cheering the AG.
  • As Democrats push for the defunding of police, polls reveal most Americans are against it.

Source: Daily Wire