I’m sure your state has hit you with one form of forced shutdown or another. While several have announced plans to reopen, many more (including blue states) are extending their lockdowns.

These government-mandated “stay at home” orders have led many to question the power of local and state leaders. Can a governor (or mayor) really force free Americans to suspend church services, shut down businesses, or even prevent them from visiting friends?

AG Barr seem to think some states have gone too far. He’s warned states who try to trample Americans’ rights and now, he’s taking serious action.

From Washington Examiner:

Attorney General William Barr said the United States must balance public safety with preserving civil rights as he directed every U.S. attorney to look out for any coronavirus restrictions or lockdown orders that “cross the line.”

“The Constitution is not suspended in times of crisis. We must, therefore, be vigilant to ensure its protections are preserved.”

Boom! AG Barr is directing every U.S. attorney to investigate the states for how they handled these shutdowns.

Specifically, he wants to find out which leaders violated our Constitutional rights. He went as far as to say the “Constitution is not suspended in times of crisis.”

It looks like Barr is sharpening his sword of justice, getting ready to go after states that abused our liberties.

Many have questioned the lockdowns, asking why we didn’t implement a more strategic plan. The economy hasn’t been the only casualty of this crisis.

Americans have been fined or arrested for: attending church inside their cars, going to an empty beach or park, visiting friends in a private residence, and even traveling to their vacation homes.

The mayor of New York even urged residents to rat out their neighbors. We’ve gone past the insanity of 1984. Even Orwell would be shocked.

It seems AG Barr thinks what many states have done is unacceptable. Who said that a virus is an excuse to trample the Bill of Rights? We can’t let a virus give power-hungry governors a chance to become dictators.

Don’t be surprised to see numerous lawsuits emerge, as the DOJ goes after local leaders who went too far.

This is crucial. We need the judicial branch to rein in these governors, so something like this never happens again.

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Do you think your State went too far on the lockdown?

Source: Washington Examiner