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What’s Happening:

In the early hours of the morning after the election, Trump made some bold comments. Instantly the media flew off the handle.

He said he thought he had already won the election—before some states finished counting. And he vowed to take the race to the Supreme Court if need be.

Commentators from CNN to MSNBC were furious, but Biden made a big statement himself today on his website. Check out this concerning statement:

When all of the votes are counted, Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States.

Really? That’s a bold statement. And here’s another one that’s been reported about one of Biden’s top lawyers:

Biden lawyer Bob Bauer: “We’re winning the election. We’ve won the election. And we’re going to defend that election.”

Joe Biden’s website claims that “when all the votes are counted” he will be the next president.

His lawyer also claimed they were winning and “won the election.”

It seems that the media isn’t so upset that Biden is claiming victory despite several states left unfinished and recounts in the works.

In fact, Biden seems to suggest the only way he’ll lose is if votes are “suppressed.”

That seems to suggest Biden is looking for less than credible votes to put him over the finish line.

Many have accused Democrats of pushing mail-in voting this year because of the many problems it creates. Millions of ballots have gone out to voters, and they might not end up in the right people’s hands.

Trump was leading in many states, at least until the officials stopped counting. Then the tide turned and many started coming in for Biden instead.

Should Biden be claiming victory before the tallies are even clear?

And why isn’t the media as upset about his comments as they are about Trump’s?

Should Biden be called out for this?

Key Takeaways:

  • The media was outraged when Trump claimed he won last night.
  • But when Biden posted several similar statements, the media was silent.

Source: Twitter