After Florida Neighbors Try To Kick Trump Out – Palm Beach Attorney Says Donald Can Legally Live At Mar-a-Lago

What’s Happening:

Several years ago, Donald Trump officially made Florida his home state. After leaving D.C., he and his family have tried to settle into their new home.

But believe it or not, some apparent anti-Trumpers were trying to make that difficult for him.

For now, he and his wife are living at Mar-a-Lago, what was his previous “winter White House.” Being that it is also a country club, some are saying he can’t permanently live there.

In the U.S. of A., people are trying to dictate what someone can do on their own property. Can you believe it?

But an attorney has outlined Trump’s right to stay there.

From IJR:

Palm Beach town attorney John C. Randolph said in a memo, first obtained by The Washington Post, Trump should be allowed to live at the club despite signing an agreement in 1993 to transition the location from a residence to a private club.

Randolph argued the agreement “did not incorporate a direct prohibition on former President Trump residing at the club, the language in the agreement pertaining only to the members’ use of guest suites.”

People who want Trump gone claim that he signed an agreement that stated nobody can live at Mar-a-Largo.

But he agreement, one lawyer is arguing, only pertains to guests. In fact, the local zoning code specifically states that exception.

Let’s be honest, Trump can live anywhere he wants to live. I doubt anyone in Palm Beach will dare force a former president to move—if he chooses to live on his own property.

And if he wanted to pick up and move somewhere else, he certainly could.

This is really about a pathetic attempt by bitter liberals to hurt the president, even after he’s left D.C.

Much like Democrats trying to impeach him after he’s left office, these residents are afflicted by TDS, that they’d go after the man’s living residence.

Here’s a tip to everyone complaining about Trump living at Mar-a-Largo: get over it. Trump is a former president. He can live on his own property if he wants.

It’s unlikely this will blow up into a bigger issue (despite what liberals would want), but it’s worth noting.

Do you think Trump should be able to live at Mar-a-Largo?

Key Takeaways:

  • President Trump and family moved to Mar-a-Largo after leaving the White House.
  • Some residents claim he’s not allowed to stay at the property permanently.
  • A local lawyer revealed the agreement only pertained to guests, not an owner.

Source: IJR