What’s Happening:

The election counting is ongoing. And many predict the battle will last longer than we expect.

This morning, though, Decision Desk HQ made the bold prediction that Biden won the election because he took a lead in PA and GA.

Votes are still being counted in various states—and even Georgia declared there will be a recount (and Pennsylvania is soon to be dealt with by the Supreme Court). But the media has quickly run away with the “news.”

Is Trump willing to concede? Not on your life:

The Trump campaign issued a statement Friday morning following a call from Decision Desk HQ declaring Democratic nominee Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election after giving Biden the battleground state of Pennsylvania.

“This election is not over,” said a statement issued by Matt Morgan, Trump 2020 campaign general counsel…

“Georgia is headed for a recount,” Morgan said, “where we are confident we will find ballots improperly harvested, and where President Trump will ultimately prevail.”

The Trump campaign declared the election is not over. They pointed out how Georgia will discover numerous improper votes during their recount.

They also pointed out that Pennsylvania will be decided through (what might be) many legal battles, as reports revealed all kinds of irregularities thanks to Democrats.

Then there are Nevada and Arizona.

Much has left to be decided. Other states might even be recounted and challenged. The media does not get to “call” an election, especially when there are ongoing battles being fought.

The media made this called in the hopes of demoralizing voters and pressure Trump to concede. But as we’ve read from his campaign, that’s not likely to happen.

No matter what we discover, it’s clear that something fishy happened in many key swing states. That means we’ll have to rely on recounts, legal battles, and other challenges to make sure every legal ballot is counted and illegal ones are rejected.

But, as we’ve been saying all week, it might take longer than anyone expected.

Do you think the race is over or that Trump will prevail?

Key Takeaways:

  • Decision Desk HQ declared Biden the winner after he took a lead in GA and PA.
  • President Trump’s campaign revealed they refuse to concede and continue to fight.
  • Recounts will soon begin and legal battles will determine the fate of late and “illegal” ballots.

Source: Daily Wire