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Blue Margarita

If you are determined to avoid the festive 15, but still intend to indulge (responsibly) in holiday cocktails, let these eight low-calorie drinks be your go-tos. These drinks pair your favorite spirits with fresh fruit juices and herbs to keep calories lower than in sugary packaged cocktail mixers. The fresh ingredients ensure you get the largest nutrient bang for your buck while imbibing. cocktails

Blue Margarita Cocktails

In this video, you’ll learn how to make eight healthier cocktails so you can indulge this holiday season, while still keeping an eye on your waistline. These drinks are perfect to make in both small and bigger batches, so whether you’re having an intimate get-together or a full-blown cocktail party, you’ll have something tasty to serve that requires little work.

Blue Margaritas: These margaritas are a fun—and colorful—take on the classic Mexican staple thanks to the blue curaçao, which adds a vibrant hue to the drink.

Cocoa Nog: Combine two holiday favorites—hot chocolate and eggnog—for a tasty twist on the comforting winter drink. This recipe uses unsweetened cocoa and bittersweet chocolate to provide some health benefits.

Lemon Drop Liqueur: This tart cocktail takes a few weeks to come together, but it’s so worth it. The lemon provides a nice tang, while the club soda gives it a bubbly texture.

Minted Sake and Pineapple Cooler: Looking for extra vitamins and antioxidants this holiday season? Look no further than this cocktail, which thanks to the mint, as well as the lime and pineapple juices, gives a healthy dose of feel-good nutrients.

Peach Melba Cocktail: Trade in your classic mimosa for this fun, champagne-based alternative. Using fresh raspberries and peaches, you’ll create a cocktail with cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Sparkling Greyhound: The star ingredient in this cocktail is grapefruit, which, in addition to being vitamin-rich, provides a lot of taste for only a few calories.

Golden Apple Cocktail: Use fresh red apples, vodka, apple brandy, and sparkling cider for a yummy, seasonal, low-calorie cocktail.

White Cranberry Citrus Punch: This low-calorie drink has only 92 calories per serving, and the fresh fruit and fruit juices serve as nutritional boosts to the drinks.

By S.K.