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In this article you are going to read some interesting and very unusual facts about our pee. One of the facts is that the urine can whiten the teeth, but there is something else you might have not known about it. Let’s see.

  • Urine contains 95% water;
  • The Romans really loved urine, so the doctors used to advise their patients to wash their teeth with pee in order to whiten them. This may sound crazy, but the truth is that the urine contains ammonia which makes the teeth become whiter;
  • Normally, one person pees about 7 times a day, but, this varies on the amount of the drinks and food you consume;
  • An average healthy person’s urine lasts for about seven seconds. But, if it is less than 7 seconds, and you feel the need to go, then you might have an infection;
  • An adult bladder can hold 300-500 ml of urine;
  • Women do not pee from their vaginas;
  • Some people believe that the pain of a jellyfish sting can be eased by peeing on the affected spot;
  • If you visit the bathroom very often, it is a good sign of your overall heath and also gives information that your kidneys, heart, and liver function properly;
  • Your pee color talks a lot about your health;
  • If you pee smells sweet, then it might be an indication of diabetes;
  • If the pee smells bad, then it might be an indication of an infection. This might be because of spilling glucose to proteins into the urine;
  • Additionally, the urine consists of 3,000 other components, such as chloride, potassium, and sodium;
  • Foods like garlic, coffee, and junk food can make your pee smell bad, but this may be controlled if you stay well-hydrated;
  • Oliguria is a condition, where you are not able to pee enough to your normal quantity;
  • The urine contains nitrogen, so it was earlier used to prepare gun powder;
  • The condition where one person is not able to pee if other people are near them is called Paruresis, or pee shyness;
  • Do not be embarrassed in case you pee when you sneeze, exercise, or laugh, because it is normal. This situation is known as Stress Urinary Intolerance;
  • During the World War 1, the Canadian soldiers used pee as gas masks. They soaked up hankies or socks in urine and then cover their faces with it. It was believed to be the best process of breathing in the war in that era;
  • The morning pee is more acidic than the pee during the day;
  • Women have a wider stream of urine than men.