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Tucker Carlson Destroys Fake News BuzzFeed


President Donald Trump got it right when he called BuzzFeed a “failing pile of garbage” after they pushed a huge fake news story in an attempt to smear the President before was even sworn into office.

On Wednesday night Tucker Carlson absolutely grilled the Editor-in-Chief for the “failing pile of garbage” over his decisions to publish the wildly inaccurate dossier attacking Donald Trump.

Carlson starts the conversations by saying:

Let me just ask the obvious question which is: let’s say I had an unverified document given to me by one of your enemies claiming that you had committed a sex crime and lets say that document is in the hands of law enforcement but they had not pressed charges against you. Lets say that I had no evidence at all that it was true but i did know that releasing would gravely damage your reputation. Should I release it?

The back and forth that follows is epic as Carlson grills the Editor-in-Chief from BuzzFeed…


Smith, of course, defended the publication of the rumor. He wrote, in an op-ed addressing the public, “You trust us to give you the full story; we trust you to reckon with a messy, sometimes uncertain reality.”

The editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed claimed he was giving the American public a chance to see the information and decide for themselves. It’s not the job of the media to jump on every little rumor — they could never cover it all. They must decide what is worth our time — this wasn’t.

This dossier was reportedly given to them by government officials. Originally, it was handed over to the FBI by Senator John McCain, who says he could not determine whether it was truthful or not. If he can’t, what chance do the pretend-journalists at BuzzFeed have?

In reality, all they were doing was fear-mongering and trying to further discredit our president. There is no other reason to post it.

Not to mention if the dossier did have real information, the “officials” could have sent it to a legitimate news source and not BuzzFeed. It seems like legitimate sources must have turned it down.

The most BuzzFeed does is make silly videos about dogs and cats. If someone truly wanted to get the information out there, then they should have sent it to a different publication or several publications. It’s shady that they sent it to only one liberal “news” site.

Of course, although Carlson tried to present Smith with common sense, reality, and facts, Smith denied everything. I don’t consider BuzzFeed to be a legitimate news site because no one goes there for news — but that doesn’t excuse them for furthering slander.

Not only that, why contribute to fear-mongering against Russia? Why are liberals so threatened by the Slavic nation? Or is it merely a convenient scapegoat?

This is merely a ploy, something to make Trump’s time in the White House more difficult. I hope the people named in this dossier do sue BuzzFeed for every penny they have — the American people can get their cute animal videos from somewhere else.

By S.K.