As soon as the doctors started investigating the circumstances that led to her condition, they found out that the girl had been drinking Chinese green tea for weight loss, bought on the Internet for a few months in a row. Since the dosage instructions were all in Chinese language, she drank 3 cups a day.

She was given proper therapy. Her parents brought the tea for further examination, and the findings were striking – the tea contained an ingredient called “Camellia sinensis,” an evergreen herb used for tea which often causes hepatitis in girls.

Since then, doctors have been using this case as a warning that overconsumption of green tea can trigger liver disease, which is why it should only be consumed moderately.

Plus, many consumers are unaware that this tea may also contain harmful substances, including pesticides, which are believed to trigger weight loss in users.

Therefore, be wary of how much green tea you consume as excessive intake can do more harm than good, leading to serious health issues.