Over 90% of the American households use microwaves because of their ability to both cook and reheat food very fast. Even though many people use microwaves, many experts do not recommend using this appliance because they are considered as extremely dangerous for our health.

This appliance was invented during World War II. Two scientists invented a tube that produced microwaves known as a magnetron. The microwaves could find Nazi warplanes on their mission to bomb the British Isles by combining the magnetrons within Britain’s radar system.  A few years later, Percy LeBaron Spencer of the Raytheon out that microwaves also have the ability to cook food.

How do microwave ovens heat/cook out food

Alternating currents force atoms to reverse their polarity. The water molecules in the food vibrate fast and create friction, thus heating up the food.

How are microwave ovens dangerous

There are 2.45 billion hertz inside the microwave which is considered as okay until the seal on the microwave door ages and begins to leak. 10 hertz is the frequency amount which can harm the human body. So, it is very important to be cautious and never stand near an operating microwave!

How does a microwave oven harm our bodies

  • Lowered resistance to viral and bacterial infections
  • Causes birth defects
  • Weakened immune system
  • Cataracts
  • Cancer
  • More serious illnesses

What does the microwave oven do to our food

According to a study conducted by the Swiss scientist, Hans Hertel, microwaving food can degrade and deplete the food of its nutrients. The microwave radiation actually destroys and deforms the molecules found in the food, which in turn creates dangerous radioactive compounds.

Back in 1992, the Search for Health studied the effects of individuals who consumed microwaved vegetables.

The results showed that the individuals experienced:

  • Decrease in white blood cells
  • Increase in leukocyte
  • Rapidly increasing cholesterol levels
  • Decrease in hemoglobin

You should know that even if your microwave oven is well sealed, you are still exposed to dangerous levels of electromagnetic fields which can penetrate the human body and cause a number of serious health problems. The recommended limited exposure to EMF is 5mG-2.5mG. If you stand 3 feet away from your food cooking in the microwave, you will be exposed to 1-25mG.

Even though microwaves are considered as more convenient and faster than the convection oven, bear in mind that there are consequences for its convenience: nutritional value of your food and the health of your family!

Source: Living Traditionally