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A world famous medical portal revealed the benefits provided by certain foods and drinks. These were considered to starve cancer cells and stop tumor development. Of course, this does not mean that you have to undergo a severe starvation, but add healthier foods to your daily menu. Consider enjoying red wine, tomatoes, blueberries, curry, black chocolate and green tea.

Scientists agree that these particular goods can provide a better effect than chemo drugs.

Why are they so mighty?

In short terms, these cut the blood supply to cancer cells or provide strong anti-angiogenesis properties. If by any chance you did not know what angiogenesis is, it is time to learn something more. It is the name used for the creation of blood cells in the body. It is quite enhanced in certain periods of life, like childhood. This function is rather different and ‘unlocked’ in elderly. For instance, think about wound healing and restoration of tissues and adults. Activators and inhibitor molecules regulate angiogenesis. Inhibitors tend to predominate, but activators are more than necessary to boost an increased vascular cell growth in the process of formatting new blood cells.

The easiest way for cancer to metastasize is through blood, meaning that it requires additional blood vessels. Tumors also require nutrients. In other words, tumor development depends on the process of angiogenesis. Cancer cells release their own angiogenesis activators. These are ‘cheating’ molecules that stimulate the formation of new blood vessels that will bring tumors the required amount of nutrients and oxygen.

Modern inhibitors of angiogenesis, a sort of medications, act in a different way than chemo does. They do not attack cancer cells and inhibit the formation of blood vessels near the tumor.

Some  would ask, how can we help ourselves and prevent cancer? Select the food on your menu and regulate your angiogenesis. In this way tumors are unable to grow and spread.

Which foods stop angiogenesis?

According to a Harvard study, men who eat more tomato sauce or cooked tomatoes at least 4 times a month, have a 50% higher reduction of developing prostate cancer. Wonder why? Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, an anti-angiogenic. Lycopene dissolves in fat, meaning it requires proper absorption of fat in the digestive tract. Unlike vitamin C, the amount of lycopene increases in cooked tomatoes, preferably with added oil.

Curry delicacies have other useful substance:

Turmeric is a super food that melts fats and boosts health.

Red wine contains resveratrol, a strong antioxidant that is commonly found in grape skin. Resveratrol decreases the risk of developing a heart disease and it also prolongs lifespan.

Science has confirmed that it inhibits cancer cell growth, kills off bacteria, viruses and fungi, prolongs lifespan in animals, boosts the production of energy in cells and reduces damages induced by free radicals. It also enhances glucose tolerance to diabetes, improves heart health, enhances physical and mental condition and concentration, repairs damaged DNA, and prevents cell damage induced by nuclear radiation. About 225ml of red wine contain 640mcg of resveratrol. If you consider taking resveratrol supplements, you should take 200-600mcg of resveratrol per day. These supplements are often combined with grape extract and other antioxidants. Some studies say that Bordeaux and Pinot Noir are highest in this amazing polyphenol.

If there is such a thing like healthy ‘chemotherapy,’ that would probably be in liquid form, or green tea and coffee if you prefer it better that way.

Blueberries and raspberries have a dark and rich color. It comes from their phytochemicals that are known for their ability to protect against cancer by reducing oxidative stress and preventing angiogenesis. The same applies to red grapes. These phytochemicals are the most efficient weapon you can use in the fight against ovarian cancer.

Those with a sweet tooth will sure love this information. Dark chocolate is also part of the list of healthy foods. It is not only great for your heart and mood, but it will also give you a hand against bad cells.