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Karen Tumlin


Tucker Carlson interviewed Karen Tumlin of the National Immigration Law Center.

Before the show aired, Tumlin trolled those who’d called for a boycott of Hawaii after a federal judge there blocked President Trump’s revised travel ban from going into effect nationwide:

Tucker Carlson debates Karen Tumlin on Travel Ban, you need to see this. Carlson shows how the courts are reaching and his debate opponent knows nothing of the law. She wants to extend American rights to people in all other nations in order to skirt Trump’s latest travel ban.  Karen Tumlin



  1. @TuckerCarlson Call her out Tuck she’s wrong.
  2. @TuckerCarlson has a whack job guest on who’s suggesting that foreigners who’ve never been to the US have a 2nd Amendment right… ??
  3. @TuckerCarlson She has no points and is making not even any law sense.?????
  4. @TuckerCarlson so this is where liberals are going that our bill of rights and constitution apply to non citizens? WTF?
  5. @TuckerCarlson Watching now. Good Lord, what is this person spouting? The Constitution applies to US Citizens.
  6. @TuckerCarlson  “Those who want to #BoycottHawaii can send any Aloha State hotel reservations and tickets you have already booked to me.” – Karen TumlinIf getting even a partial refund from a reservation wasn’t possible and nobody else would want to buy it from me, then I may give it to you … if I could afford to pay for a vacation in Hawaii after eight years of Obama’s wreck of an economy in the first place, you snobbish, stupid, supercilious asshole.

By S.K.