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Have you ever dealt with lower back pain? Most of us have and it can really set us back, no one should have to be left behind because of back pain!

Back pain has become more of an issue over time causing people to miss work and even literally cause them to be disabled. This is a very serious health issue that we should not take lightly. Our spines are very elaborate things, they are made up of 24 vertebrae that are connected by muscles. Without our spinal column we wouldn’t have much shape nor would we have many functions.

Lower back pain can be caused by a very large amount of things which makes it hard to avoid. Usually, lower back pain comes from an irritated nerve, damaged joints or ligaments, and even degenerating discs. Anyone who does physical work or even has to sit or stand for hours at a time is very likely to suffer from lower back pain.

Luckily for us though there is a way to help with our back pain that is completely natural! Yes, naturally. If you haven’t heard of the herb “Comfrey” you may want to look it up! This amazing herb grows in wet places. This plant has huge fuzzy leaves, while it may look a bit strange I assure you it will do the trick! You can find this herb in gel form simply apply it to your lower back and let it get to work. Now if you
can’t get ahold of this gel or maybe you have to wait for it to come in the mail, working out can also help with your back pain in the mean time. Yes, exercising will help!

Below are a couple videos that should help you reduce your pain dramatically between exercise and Comfrey gel you’ll have lower back pain beat in no time!