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On a daily basis, we use all kinds of objects; however, little do we know why a certain item was created in the first place and what its original purpose was. Did you know that there are a lot of objects that had their meaning and purpose in the past, but nowadays, the purpose is completely different? On the Mind Warehouse, a YouTube channel, there is an interesting video which shows some interesting and unusual facts you didn’t know about certain items we frequently use.

Let’s take a look at some of the purposes of these items and why were they placed there in the first place:

Bobbles on hats

For the first time, bobbles on hats appeared in the 18th century and they were worn by French marines. Since the cabins in their ships had a low roof, the bobbles prevented the sailors from hitting their heads. Nowadays, these balls don’t have the same purpose as they did when they appeared, but they merely serve as an aesthetic detail.

The hole on the side of lollipop sticks

Some believe that this hole serves to prevent choking or as a whistle; however, this isn’t true because the hole is designed so that the candy is fastened both from the inside and out. During the production process, the stick is sunk into liquid candy and once it cools down, the substance fills the hole and thus fixes the whole candy.

Trousers creases

They appeared in the late 19th century when clothes were sent from Europe to other countries and in order to fit as many clothes as possible, the clothes were folded and they remained like this for hours and hours of transport. As a consequence, the pants had severe creases. People had no other choice than to accept this and soon enough, creases became fashionable.

Lines on toothpaste tubes

The legend says that the black line stands for the chemicals and the green one for the organic ingredients of the toothpaste. However, this is only a myth since these lines are bar codes and aren’t associated with the toothpaste’s chemical composition.

The small ‘pockets’ on female underwear

There have been a lot of rumors that this pocket serves to hide something of value, however, this isn’t true because this inner layer, according to health standards, has to be made from a special soft tissue. However, since it would cause discomfort if it’s sown on both sides, one side is left unsowed and thus, a pouch is formed.

Diamond-shaped square on backpacks

Originally, it was very beneficial for camping, either for threading ropes or mounting equipment in order to free the arms. Nowadays, you can also hang something, but it would be more for decoration.