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We all know that our bodies tend to function in mysterious ways sometimes, which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise to many people when they found out that our body sends information about our overall wellbeing to our subconscious mind, which is even where our ‘gut feeling’ comes from. But believe it or not, this subconscious way of informing our mind that something might be wrong with our health or organs can sometimes save our life.

So if your body is sending coded signals, chances are high that you are waking up during the night, and you don’t have an answer why. That is where we come in to help explain, what it means to wake up at specific hours during the night and whether something supernatural is at play.

9-11 PM

Having problems falling asleep during these hours is most likely a result of stress, so try and relax the last few hours before going to bed by practicing either yoga or meditation as well as mild exercising.

11 PM– 1 AM

Staying awake during these late hours means that you are fed up with some sort of an emotional frustration. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the gallbladder is active during these hours, so try fixing the problem by exercising several self-healing mantras.

1-3 AM

Waking up in these hours means that you have anger stored within you. Anger affects the liver function and as a result, you have trouble staying asleep. Try drinking a glass of water.

3-5 AM

Waking up in these morning hours means that a supernatural force is trying to communicate with you for a bigger cause. Pray higher and stronger.

5-7 AM

Waking up this early in the morning is usually a result of a psychological obstruction, so try going to the toilet or stretching your muscle mass.

All in all, waking up during different hours overnight often indicates that something is wrong with your body, so don’t hesitate to contact a doctor.