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We see many crazy thing almost every day but have you seen someone to throw big bowl of carrots in the toilet? You wonder what happens, and we are about to tell you.

The normal thinking about what happened next would be that the carrots got stacked, but that is not what really happened.

We are talking about  Eco QUATTRO Flushing Technology, that is really astonishing.

This flushing technology has the most advanced flushing system in the whole history of flushes. A toilet that has this flushing system can flush out 2 pounds of carrots within just a few seconds.

The best features of this system:

This flushing system uses very small amount of water unlike the other flushes you have seen at the stores(3.5 gallon models). The main thing that is making this flushing system so special and the best is that uses very small amount of water in comaparation with other flushes that are out there in the market.

St. Thomas Creation is trying to innovate their industry long time age, since 1987. St. Thomas Creation has great reputation in the market. This company pay attention to power efficiency and that differences this company from other. It means that the company takes care of its customers.

A experiment was made, in which a man flushes out not only the 2 pounds of carrots but also a complete set of chess pieces, 3 pounds of gummy bears, 18 hot dogs of standard size, 20 golf balls and many more things to name. All the mentioned thing were flushed away.