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In the custom Harley-Davidson market, if shit ain’t new, shit ain’t hot. Very few other genres of customs take a brand new vehicle right off the showroom floor, take it apart and place it in tiny bags and boxes and immediately cut the frame before ever putting a single mile. This has almost become commonplace in the big-wheel bagger market, where a bike must be cut at it’s backbone to fit that huge hunk of rolling metal. Once you have cut, there’s no going back and you might as well go big, since you can’t go home again.


Unique Custom Cycles (UCC) took this new bike as a challenge when it decided to show the world that they weren’t afraid to hack up a perfectly good machine. “After selling my 2003 Road King, someone commented that the reason I dared to customize it was because it was an older model bike. I wanted to prove everyone wrong, so I purchased a 2012 Street Glide off the showroom floor and began the process of customizing it to what is today. Customizing can be done on a new or old bike, it doesn’t matter. Both look just as awesome,” explained Eddie Alburquerque.


With a hacksaw in hand (well maybe a something a little more modern), UCC got to work cutting, shaping and molding. The front fairing was swapped for a ZX-6 variant, the kneck cut and raked, a massive 30-inch Foose front wheel fitted, and a JL Audio system fitted to supply the tunes. A Sinister Industries “Up Yours” exhaust, seems to fit the theme of attitude towards the critics that said slicing up new bikes was stupid. The airbrush gun was left on the shelf for this bike and the simplicity of Lamborghini pearl orange paint speaks volumes all alone.


While most of us average Joes have to fix up piece by piece and paycheck to paycheck, there has to be some credit given to those that have the balls and the resources to do it all at once. But once finished, there’s no dying the bragging status that comes along with riding a brand new bike that’s built from the ground up.








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