Figs are actually considered to be a powerful anti-diabetic and anti-tumor agent which can also regulate your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The leaves of this tree can treat diabetes easily and will help you reduce the insulin resistance in your body. Diabetics should take fig leaves extract along with their breakfast in the morning, while also a nice cup of fig leaves tea can further help in the fight against the disease.

Fig leaves can also reduce the level of cholesterol, triglycerides and ulcers in your body. We all know what triglycerides are. They are a type of fat stored in the body. They are required for proper organ function, but too much of them significantly increase the risk of obesity and heart disease and can even be fatal. Fig leaves are excellent against ulcers if you chew a couple of them every morning. It will help you prevent ulcers from developing in your body.

Fig leaves are rich in fiber and are an excellent ingredient for losing weight. They are recommended by numerous experts to obese people who need to lose weight immediately and are often part of rapid weight loss programs.

Here’s a recipe for fig leaves tea that will help you regulate your blood pressure, fight against triglycerides and ulcers and protect you from cardiovascular diseases and cancer:


• Fig leaves

• Water


Fill a pot with water and add the fig leaves inside. Then, boil them for about 15 minutes.

Drink this cup of tea and protect yourself from serious diseases, fight triglycerides and ulcers and treat bronchitis easily.

Chew 2-3 fig leaves every day if you want to eliminate ulcers in your body easily.