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When it comes to natural remedies for common skin and hair conditions it seems like we always tend to forget about castor oil. It’s so thick, sticky and greasy that we just think it’s not worth the trouble. But, castor oil is a very effective natural remedy for many skin and hair problems and you should definitely include it in your everyday beauty routine.

Why Castor Oil?

Castor oil can resolve problems with think hair, improve the appearance of scars, chapped and dry lips and many other common issues. You can use castor oil to make your eyebrows thicker and darker. You just need to buy hexane free, organic and cold pressed castor oil and apply it every night on your eyebrows. In three months you’ll notice significant improvement.

How does castor oil help your hair grow faster?

You can use castor oil to improve the quality of your hair, eyelashes and eyebrows and make them grow faster and thicker. It’s rich in ricinoleic acid, a very effective natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. It prevents bacteria and fungi overgrowth, strengthens your hair and stops hair-loss successfully. It’s also rich in omega 9 fatty acids which are beneficial for the hair as well as for the follicles and surrounding skin. Its unique ability to penetrate deep into the pores and nourish the follicles makes it an amazing natural remedy for skin and hair care.

Castor oil for hair growth

You just need two drops of castor oil to stimulate hair growth. Apply it on your hands, rub them against each other and apply it on the entire length all the way to the ends. Just make sure you don’t apply too much, it can make your hair look greasy. Start with a little bit and play around with the amounts until you find what works best for you. You can mix it with coconut oil or apricot kernel oil to make it easier for application.

Castor oil for scar tissue reduction and shiny, smooth lips

Castor oil is very efficient for the reduction of keloids or other types of scars, even the hardened ones because it can penetrate the tissue through multiple muscle layers. It makes the skin softer and enables the scar tissue to break down, evening it out. It also stimulates the production of white blood cells and reduces inflammation of subcutaneous tissue, which makes it excellent for fast healing.

If you want to have shiny and healthy lips you should start using castor oil. Our lips are very sensitive to the outside elements and can easily become dry and chapped if not nourished properly. Castor oil can give your lips a natural shine and moisturize and protect them from the outside elements. You can use natural castor oil and apply it like that or use some of the commercial products on the market containing castor oil as their active ingredient.

Danna Norek, the founder of, offers its customers a line of natural body, skin and hair care products, mainly composed of castor oil. Her castor oil line includes a lip balm, shine enhancing shampoo (sulfate free), deep hydration conditioner, natural deodorant and a popular MSM and Vitamin C face cream.