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Government programs

Author Ann Coulter said that immigration authorities should concentrate their efforts to stop the immigration of people who “rip off government programs.”

Coulter said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that there should be a way to stop certain immigrants “whose specialty is committing crimes against our entitlement programs.”


“There’s a specialty in computer hacking and credit card stealing and ripping off government programs,” she said.

Coulter said it is difficult to track statistics involving crimes committed by immigrants, and that it is “telling” that advocates for strong border enforcement like herself are “always” the ones wanting the stats.

She said it is easier to get statistics on how many American houses have “broken stair railings” than it is to find certain data involving criminal illegal immigrants.

“They absolutely want to take [Attorney General] Sessions out because they want to keep this dump of the third world going on America,” she said of her ideological opposition.

“How many [immigrants] are committing crimes, what kind of crimes, and how much does that cost the country?” she asked.

Tucker Carlson said such obscuring of statistics would constitute “willful [and] in effect a cover-up.”

By S.K.