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Coffee or tea

How many times have we found so far in doubt which product to choose and which to leave it on a shelf in the market.

Here’s what experts recommend:

Butter or margarine?

Butter is made from natural ingredients while margarine is usually processed and contain hydrogenated fats which are much more harmful than saturated fats found in butter.

Canned or frozen?

Heavy metals such as aluminum, lead and mercury can be found in food is canned, and frozen foods can be equally good as fresh.

Sweeteners or sugar?

Sugar has no nutritional value and is directly related to Fat. The more sugar you eat, the more insulin your body releases more and so you eat good. On the other hand, artificial sweeteners are associated with changes in mood, depression, and increased body weight because they can slow the process of digestion and enhance appetite. Experts recommend using natural sweeteners such as stevia and cinnamon.

Whole milk or milk with lower fat content?

At first glance whole milk may seem unhealthy because it contains more fat but those fats actually help in absorption of vitamins A and D. Whole milk makes you feel more full.

Rice or wholegrain rice crackers?

Rice crackers have a lower glycemic composition. This means that aid in the regulation of blood sugar levels and make us feel more full.

Cheese or cheese?

Cheese, except it has a stronger taste, has less fat and calories faster filling.

Fresh or dried fruit?

The composition of fresh fruit has 80 percent more water, which means that soon will not saturate. Dried fruit can sometimes contain chemicals and additional sugars.

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