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Sugar is delicious but in copious amounts it can be really bad for our health. You won’t look at it the same way once you learn how it impacts the body. There are red flags which our body sends us that it’s time to reduce the consumption of sugar and here are six of them:


A constant feeling of fatigue or tiredness is one of the signs that you got too much sugar in the diet. Even though these foods can give you carbohydrate boost and led a feeling of increased energy, this is just temporary. If you feel tired all the time you have to check your diet to see if you drink or eat too much sugar.


Chances that you have become a sugar addict are huge if you find yourself craving the sugary snack’s sweet flavor on a daily basis. The consumption of sugar can make a sugar craving’s chain reaction as it is so addictive. If you can’t bear a moment without carbs, you could be in throes of a deep addiction of sugar.


If you fall ill more often than usually it can be caused by having too much sugar in the diet. If every virus finds you and makes you sick, it can be because of the penchant for sugary treats. Consuming too much sugar can weaken the immune system and make the natural ability of the body to fight off flu, colds, viruses and chronic disease weaker.


The fog is a symptom for low blood sugar. When you consume too much sugar, the levels of blood sugar rise and fall rapidly instead of doing it gradually. The poor control of blood sugar is a major risk for impairment and cognitive issues.



Consuming too much sugar bombards the taste buds and causes the taste bud tolerance of sugar to go up and your body needs more and more sugar. When the taste buds need sugar to feel sweet enough, it can be tough to lower the base level. But if you cut back it in the beginning you will lower the tolerance again. You may also feel like the things are too sweet for you and be happy eating or drinking sugar in moderation.


When the sugar is eaten, it has inflammatory effect on the body and it can contribute to inflammatory problems of the skin. If you suffer from excessive dryness or oiliness, eczema, rosacea or acne, the sugar could be to blame. Cutting the sugar out improves the skin problems. The podiatrist in NYC, Dr. S. Green says that sugar has inflammatory effect on the feet, as well. It can appear in foot as plantar fasciitis that causes pain in the tissue’s thick band that runs across the foot’s bottom, the heel and the whole foot. Excessive consumption of sugar can cause adrenal fatigue and it is believed that one of the adrenal fatigue signs is under-eye dark circles.


The excess of sugar means excess of calories and because it doesn’t have fiber or protein in can’t fill you up and you keep continue to eat. It can also trigger the insulin release which is a hormone that plays huge role in weight gain. When you consume sugar the pancreas in the one that releases the insulin that carries the sugar to the organs in order to be used for energy. When you consume sugar, the body produces more insulin and with the time the excessive output leads to insulin resistance.
It means that the body cannot respond to normal insulin amounts properly and cannot use the sugar in the right way. The weight gain from consuming too many calories from sugar is compounded by the normal insulin response disruption. When the pancreas works so much for too long, it can develop diabetes.