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As you will likely agree Japan is overflowing with beautiful ladies. Japanese women look young no matter their age.

These women do not do this all on their own whether it seems that way or not. They are able to look so young because of their lifestyles and their diets. Japanese food, in general, is designed around making people live longer healthier lives. If you want to look younger or be slimmer maybe you could learn a thing or two from the Japanese people.

12 Reasons Japanese Women Look Young and Slim:

1. They drink green tea.

Matcha which is what the tea is made out of is very beneficial for our health. This tea is high in antioxidants, these are known to delay the aging process and promote weight loss and even reduce the risks of cancer.

2. Healthy Desserts

Japanese people often eat things like fresh fruit for dessert.

3. Hot Spring Baths

These kinds of baths are amazing for keeping your skin healthy. Hot spring baths are full of minerals like niacin, calcium, and magnesium. They can reduce stress and are known for promoting better sleep as well.

4. Doing Martial Arts

Lots of Japanese people practice some form of martial arts. This is something that plays a huge role in the overall health and fitness levels of Japanese people.

5. Eating Fermented Foods

They eat a lot of things like kimchi, tempeh, miso, kombucha, kefir, and things of the such. These foods have undergone something known as Lacto-fermentation and are considered to be fermented foods. Ingesting fermented foods promotes weight loss and has been known for eliminating heavy metals as well as harmful toxins from cell tissue.

6. Eating Seafood

Japanese people choose seafood over red meat and this is great because red meat has been linked with a ton of issues like inflammatory disease, high cholesterol, and obesity. Eating fish is beneficial because of the omega-3 fatty acids they contain.

7. They Eat Smaller Portions

In Japan, smaller portions are served than we are used to here in the US. If you grow up eating smaller portions you will eat less as your life progresses. Japanese people do not often completely fill plates and never serve big portions of anything. They use fresh everything and make sure the natural beauty of the food can be seen.

8. They Walk A Lot

Tons of Japanese people also ride bikes often.

9. They Do Not Eat On The Go

They consider meals sacred periods and do not eat on the go. It is actually considered to be impolite in Japan and is not seen often. Japanese people also eat a lot slower than we do which allows their bodies time to take in the food they are eating.

10. They Have Healthier Cooking Methods

Their cooking techniques, in general, are much healthier than ours. They do not use extra oil and most things are simply grilled.

11. They Take Care Of Their Skin

Almost every single Japanese woman does her part of maintaining her skin health. They all have a very specific protocol they follow each and every day. This is because looking younger is a big deal to them.

12. They Do Not Often Eat Out

Japanese people eat nice healthy home cooked meals on a daily basis. This makes a huge difference when you look at everything from an outside view.

Japanese women are amazing but they work hard to maintain that. Just like all women they deserve respect. If you want to get yourself back into shape maybe you should try changing your life a little bit? These things could benefit you in a huge way.