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There are two types of fatty liver disease. Alcoholic fatty liver is a condition in which blood is unable to break down alcohol, and burdens the liver.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver is common in obese and middle-age groups. Sufferers deal with excessive accumulation of fat in the liver.

The bad thing in both types is the fact that there are no early signs that could help the patient detect the disease.

But, there are some symptoms that indicate the presence of the problem, such as fatigue, sudden weight loss, appetite loss, nausea, dark urine, bruises, and dark patches on the skin, usually in the neck or underarm area.

Change your lifestyle habits, and eat well.

Here are some of the foods/supplements you should add to your diet, and “fix the damage.”

  1. Bananas

Bananas are abundant in potassium. The sweet fruit boosts the natural cleansing function of your liver, and gives you the necessary daily amount of potassium. Bananas enhance digestion, and support the elimination of toxins.

  1. Ginger

Fiber in ginger does wonders for the digestive tract and the overall detox process in the system. Antioxidants strengthen immunity, and prevent infections.

Boil a couple of ginger slices, and enjoy your ginger tea. The spicy root works well in stir-fries, salads and healthy smoothies.

  1. Sweet potatoes

Potassium in sweet potatoes improves the cleansing function of your liver. A portion of sweet potatoes will give you about 700ml of potassium.

Sweet potatoes will give you a healthy portion of magnesium, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and vitamin D. the anti-inflammatory effect of this veggie will help you improve your condition.

  1. Turmeric

It’s one of the healthiest spices you will ever eat. Turmeric provides a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential. It soothes inflammation and digestive issues. Use turmeric more often, and your liver will restore its normal detoxifying ability.

  1. Milk thistle

Looking for the greatest natural detoxifiers? Milk thistle is the thing you need. It restores liver cells and eliminates toxins. According to researchers, milk thistle can help patients who deal with liver malfunction.

  1. Dandelion root

Dandelion stimulates bile, and soothes the gastrointestinal tract. Vitamins and minerals in dandelion root will satisfy your daily needs of essential nutrients. Use dandelion to make a nice cup of tea.

Vitamin C in dandelion enhances the absorption of minerals, and soothes inflammation.

  1. Black seed oil

It’s one of the most efficient natural remedies for individuals dealing with fatty liver. Use black seed oil to improve your condition, and protect your liver. This oil speeds up the healing process in patients diagnosed with fatty liver.

  1. Raw veggies

Nature is always full of surprises. Fresh vegetables are always a nice option. Eat more kale, cabbage, beets, celery, and broccoli. Lemon, ginger, and turmeric will make your vegetable juices taste better.

  1. Vitamin E

Make sure you get enough vitamin E. this vitamin is essential for your health, especially if you deal with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant. It soothes inflammation, and boosts immunity.

  1. Liver

Eat meats from healthy, grass-fed cattle. That’s the only way to get all the right vitamins and minerals. Liver is rich in vitamins A and B, folic acid, iron, copper, and zinc. According to nutrients, liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you will ever have.