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Find your personal traits according to the month you were born.


Women born in January always finish what they start. They can be very organized and neat, and take seriously every assignment. This makes them great leaders. Even though these women can be critical, their real problem is not being able to express the emotions when being sensitive. They are also very loyal partners and love children.


These women have very contrasting personality. They can be easy-going with free spirit, and on the other hand they can be very shy and reserved. A lot of them are ambitious and don’t have problems when it comes to taking risks. These women are very attractive and can easily make new friends, but don’t tend to show their romantic side in public.


These women are very sensitive and love to help other people. They are honest, attractive, and admired by others. However, their negative traits are being malicious and unmanaged.


These women have strong personalities and like to take care for other people. That’s why they are awesome as friends. They are always motivated when they do something, however sometimes can become too emotional or even aggressive.


Women born in this month are highly motivated and quick-witted when they perform certain task. They are very attractive, both mentally and physically. That is why they tend to attract strong partners as well. Their passion is travelling, and they don’t have problems making new friendships.


These women are well mannered and have great sense of humour, and therefore can easily make new friends. They love having deep and meaningful conversations and debates because they can share their opinion and say what’s on their mind. However, if someone hurts them, they can become temperamental.


Women born in July have lovely personality which makes them great in groups. Their concern is always their reputation among others. They are also concerned about other people’s feelings, which makes them great mothers. These women tend to be quiet, but can become very angry if someone provokes them. They are great when it comes to learning new things, and are really hard-working individuals.


A lot of world leaders are born in August. These women are fearless and are always able to achieve their goals. They love being in the centre of everybody’s attention and enjoy getting compliments. These women can be very romantic and don’t have problem sharing their feelings. However, things can go wrong when they become too proud.


These women are very organized, confident, but very stubborn. They love learning new things, and sometimes tend to point out other people’s disadvantages. They rarely express their emotions, because they become embarrassed by them.


These women have very strong personalities, big dreams, and love to tell jokes. They are very good friends and great mothers because they love children. They also have the ability to easily recover after they fall.


These women can be very unpredictable and mysterious. However, they can also be very honest and trustful. When they succeed in managing the negative aspects, they will let true love find them, and become very romantic.


Women born in December have good sense of humour, are very playful, and very active. On the other hand, they can be impatient, and short-tempered. When they manage the negative aspects of their personality, they will fill their life with true love.